• Adrian Hollay - Composer & Sound Designer

    Adrian in the studio.

  • Adrian Hollay

    Composer – Sound Designer

Composer  //  Sound Designer

Over the past decade, Adrian has received commissions to write music for theatre, drama, and animated films.

He regularly works for New Zealand’s foremost theatre company, the Auckland Theatre Company.

Adrian is also an accomplished and award-winning music producer and sound engineer. His recordings have been released on music labels Naxos and Atoll, as well as being broadcast on public radio stations in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and across Europe.

Electronic meets Neo-Classical music.

The new album Atmosphere is out now. Here’s a little preview of the opening track

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Bethells – Electronic Instrumental

True Romance – Electronic Instrumental

Composer & Sound Designer Showreel

This collection consists of music Adrian composed and produced for theatre, film, advertising and pop music projects. It includes productions for:
The Auckland Theatre Company, Flaxwork Theatre Company, University of Auckland, Magmell GbR and JG-Films, as well as music for his own music projects.

Thanks to Dave Khan (solo violin on The Glass Menagerie), Siobhan Gerritsen and Katherine Hebley (Farewell for four celli), Levinia Zottnick and David Witscher (vocals Symantipathy), Massimo Randisi (drums on Symantipathy). Radio play excerpt based on the book „Debt of Bones“ by Terry Goodkind.

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