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    Every Bit Counts - Soundtrack

    Every Bit Counts (Music Composition and Production)

    A short film written and directed by Jay Adshead.

    When Billy, an unemployed gardener with a heart of gold, loses his elderly neighbour’s dog, he must attempt the unthinkable and steal from his favourite charity to rescue the dog.

    Runtime: 15 minutes

    Ethiopia – from the soundtrack to Every Bit Counts:

    Every Bit Counts on IMDB.


  • 2015

    A Clean Break - Soundtrack

    A Clean Break (Music Composition and Production)

    A short film written and directed by Jay Adshead.

    When Brian is gifted a robot vacuum cleaner from his Mother, it seems to be just the thing to help him clean up his act: his floors are clean, there’s milk in the fridge, and now he’s met the girl of his dreams. Though somebody is not happy about Brian’s newfound love, someone who will stop at nothing to put an end to it all. Could it be his new girlfriend’s colleague? Or does Brian’s vacuum cleaner harbor more than just obsessive, cleaning tendencies?

    Runtime: 15 minutes

    Watch it online on Vimeo.

    When I First Felt Your Kiss – from the soundtrack to A Clean Break:

  • 2014

    Burn Out Love - Soundtrack

    Burn Out Love (Music Composition and Production)

    A short film by Joachim Glaser (JG Films)

    A young artist tries to adapt the scandalous play Reigen (Roundabout) as a film. The project increasingly becomes a self-experiment. The opportunities and freedom in love and art turn into a curse – everything seems possible and nothing is permanent.

    In 1879 Arthur Schnitzler used imagery of love and stereotypes from the romantic novels to show his contemporaries the artificiality and rules of lovemaking.

    This film transmits this method into allegories and metaphors of fine arts and shows, in a time travel from the Vienna Moderne to today, that love repeat motifs but its problem remains similar. There used to be laws and rules – today there are only possibilities.

    Runtime: 24 minutes

    Burn Out Love – Homepage & Trailer


  • 2014

  • 2013

    Anne Boleyn - Music & Sound Design

    An Auckland Theatre Company production of Howard Brenton’s play. Originally written for the Globe Theatre in London. Director Colin McColl re-imagined the play for the Auckland Q Theatre.

    13 June – 13 July 2013, Q Theatre, Auckland.

    Celebration In France – from the soundtrack to Anne Boleyn:


  • 2013

    The Glass Menagerie - Music & Sound Design

    An Auckland Theatre Company production of the famous Tennessee Williams play, directed by Jef Hall-Flavin (director of the Tennessee Williams Festival in the USA).

    16 May – 8 June 2013, Selwyn Theatre, Auckland.

    The Play Is Memory – from the soundtrack to The Glass Menagerie:

  • 2013


  • 2013

    A Model Woman - Music & Sound Design

    A play by Phil Ormsby written for New Zealand Theatre Company Flaxworks. Performed by Alex Ellis and Simon Coleman.

    22 October – 02 November 2013, Basement Theatre, Auckland.

  • 2012

    The Gift - Music & Sound Design

    A theatre play by Joanna Murray-Smith in a production by the Auckland Theatre Company, directed by Colin McColl.

    13 September – 6 October 2012, Maidement Theatre, Auckland.

    Opening Music – from the soundtrack to The Gift:

    Review on Theatreview by Lexie Matheson, 20 September 2012:

    …Colin McColl’s production of The Gift has class written all over it. From glittering cast to swanky set (Rachael Walker), from the cool Pacific jazz of Adrian Hollay to the fabulous audio-visuals of Simon Barker, from the subtlest of lighting by Phillip Dexter to the divine costumes of Sara Taylor there’s barely a thing out of place. McColl’s direction is masterful to the degree that this psychologically labyrinthine script is made as clear as day from beginning to end… www.theatreview.org.nz


  • 2011

    30-9 - Soundtrack & Sound Design

    30-9 (Music and Sound Design / Post Production)

    33 Episode – Drama Webseries, advertising the Bildungscampus Heilbronn (New Tertiary Education Campus in Heilbronn, Germany)

    Watch it online on Youtube.

    30-9 Theme Song – from the soundtrack to 30-9:

    This German drama webseries accompanied the construction of the new university in 33 weekly episodes until the opening of the campus on the 30th September 2011.

    Lillian, the protagonist of the series, is trying to figure out how she can bring her confused life back on track. She has to work out how to start her career and how to deal with her troubled relationship with her derailed boyfriend.

  • 2010

    Schtocknacht - Soundtrack & Sound Design

    Schtocknacht (Music and Sound Design / Post Production)

    Short horror film by production company Magmell. Written and directed by Andreas Kroeneck.

    During the renovation of an abandoned house Aaron finds an old tape machine and a small hole in a wall. Through the hole he can glimpse into a forgotten chamber and witnesses a crime long past. When he realises he can change the course of events, he enters a dangerous path…

    I Wanna Be Loved – from the soundtrack to Schtocknacht:


  • 2009

    Oh Tannenbaum - Soundtrack & Sound Design

    Oh Tannenbaum (Music and Sound Design)

    Short animated film by production company Magmell.

    The lonely robot in Earth’s TV satellite switching space station decides to have his own Christmas celebration – with disastrous effect.

    Oh Tannenbaum Theme – from the soundtrack to Oh Tannenbaum: